About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Established in 2013 Education 4 Action facilitates events in the week preceding the Durham Miners Gala. We are a team of enthusiastic volunteers, and like most people from Durham, we have a shared mining heritage. We seek to work with the local communities and schools to develop education programmes and offer open days and tours throughout the year.

Despite the huge political and historic significance of the Miners Hall, many former miners, political activists and the people of Durham are aware of but have not visited this fabulous and unique part of our Durham’s mining heritage. Redhills played a critical role as the Pitman’s Parliament, in fighting for the workers’ rights and improved working conditions while at the same time providing the community activists who built the Co-operative Movement, Methodist Church, Working Men’s Clubs, WEA and Welfare Halls in every Durham village – and indeed we could argue, created a blueprint for our welfare state.

Our aim is to attract a much wider public to tell some of this story.